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The BT-8


The famous BRAINTUNER (BT-8 by Bob Beck)

written by Don Paris Ph.D.

It all started with a chance meeting with Dr. Bob Beck at a seminar. Ilona had suffered from depression for one year, after too much stress, and in that previous year, we had exhausted all natural healing methods we knew, to no avail.

I still remember to this day that magical moment when Bob Beck insisted that we take a Braintuner home, to work on Ilona's depression. He had wanted our Multi Pure water filter in trade, and gave us one extra BT-8 unit to share with a friend. I guess he was very sure of the results.
Within 3 weeks of using the Braintuner daily, Ilona was completely well, and back to her happy self!

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You can imagine how grateful we were! With such an amazing personal experience we started to tell everyone we met about the magic of the Braintuner. As a result, we started our Living From Vision company 1987, and many thousands of customers world-wide have benefited from Bob Beck’s work. We have received so many ‘Thank you letters’ that still fill our hearts and souls.

Dr. Bob Beck was an amazing inventor, who made it his life’s task to make his inventions available for pennies a day.
He refused to sell his patent to get rich. He even gave schematics away on the Internet, as to not allow a suppression on some of his most startling discoveries.
Dr. Bob Beck invented the Braintuner, now called the Bio-Tuner, or BT-8, which has helped thousands of people overcome depression, addiction, improve memory, and gives people the ability to perform mental tasks under high pressure.
Even women with PMS have been telling us, that they love this unit.

The retail price is 267 USD including shipping.

Or you can order directly from the Canadian Company SOTA, which is the same price, just that shipping is calculated at 41.95USD

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