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Peak performers all around the world have used imagery to enhance their performance. It has been found that exercise done in imagery alone was equally effective as doing the physical training, an both together outperformed just physical practice. The mind is an integral aspect of our total self. We not only train muscles and neurological pathways in imagery, but we also expand our internal self image and self talk, which equally effect our ability to exceed in our performance!

Performance psychology† focuses upon engaging the performer on how to be successful by developing the power of the mind and to practice mental skills in their daily lives. This encourages peak performance in sports, (and all other areas of life) whether elite, professional or of amateur status.†

Ilona Selke created these guided imagery CDs based on the enormously successful work during the last 20 years of training in the human potential movement. Having taught courses in the power of mental rehearsal to thousands of people worldwide, to laymen and professionals, adults and children alike, Ilona Selke has created these guided imagery QUNATUM TENNIS for TEENS.

Ingrid Richter, a tennis pro and coach in these imagery skill techniques,† is now utilizing these very tools to help children/teens of South Africa to advance their tennis playing skills by not only training the physical skills, but by focusing the mind and utilizing imagery rehearsals to enhance their physical performance.

Originally this growth has been primarily in the study of performance excellence in sports and the field of business. Because important links have been made between world-class, championship in individual and team sports performance it † business results.

And there has been an increase in the interest of coaching top performers with mental rehearsal skills and addressing their needs, not just providing remedial coaching for underachievers.

Sports Psychology is used extensively within the elite and professional sports all around the globe to offer the individual or team the competitive advantage needed to become a winner.

Sports Psychology focuses on teaching practical skills to athletes to enable them to develop their mental abilities to the same level as their physical abilities. Mental skills training focuses upon core skills such as concentration, anxiety control, goal setting, motivation, relaxation techniques, imagery and self confidence to develop mental toughness and mental strength in an athlete. In addition, your ability to perform consistently is often determined by the consistency of your emotions. When you learn to respond positively to challenges that you are presented with, your performance in training and in competitions will be affected by your emotional reactions to those challenges.

Therefore if you can master your emotions, you will have the power to use those emotions as a tool to facilitate individual and team performance. Physical skills, physical fitness and mental skills are the building blocks of the complete athlete that produces outstanding sports performance. The difference between a great performance and a good performance or between winning and losing is often related to mental rather than physical abilities.

Mental training has become increasingly important over the past few years in order to improve different skills.†There are five main aspects of effective mental training.

  • Relaxation - ...should be used for mental rehearsing and focusing.
  • Visualization - This technique can dramatically improve your results in sports, public speaking, performing arts and anything else that involves practice.
  • Mental rehearsal - Go over the event in your mind. This conditions your subconscious into expecting what is happening and anticipating what happens next.
  • Focusing - Train your conscious mind to focus on your concentration. This is an effective way of clearing the mind.
  • Positive Affirmation - Be positive and self-encouraging at all times. Never think negative thoughts.

The QUANTUM TENNIS MP3 Series does just exactly that, aimed to speak to the level of mind of a teenager, with the soothing voice of Ilona Selke.

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