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Our souls can encounter one another in the indescribably beautiful realms beyond time and space whether you wish to merge your soul with a human, and Angel, or a dolphin you can merge your soul and encounter one another in higher dimensions.
The more deeply we delve into the levels of consciousness (which you might also call ascend into or deepen into)  the more deeply we enter into unity with God.
Enter into the union of your souls guided by this imagery journey and experience your soul's union.
It is said : Where to merge into ONE their God will be.
ake this opportunity, which has been called the fastest road to enlightenment by various Buddhist texts, and merge yours souls into ONE and witness the positive changes that can come about through regular exercise in your daily life.
Every morning focus on the metaphoric image which you will discover during the guided imagery every single morning upon waking up and witness how the higher dimensions will take care of your personal life.

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