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Healing Your Body


As you may have read in the book THE POWER OF YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS MIND by Joseph Murphy, our focused attention can redirect the forces of life to flow through our body imperfection.

It is the power of our attention, guided through the visualization of a positive end result, that can shape all aspects of our health, and our body.

Research into Epigenetics, such as spearheaded by Bruce Lipton and other researchers, supports the understanding that our mind is more effective in creating change in our body, and to bring about healing, than nearly any other method, including the predisposition of our DNA.

Use your mind, the power of your visualization, to create the end result of the kind of healthy state you wish to experience in your daily life.IT WILL DRAW TOWARDS YOU or manifest from within you everything that is needed in order to create the change you wish for in your health.

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