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Alin Learns to Use His Imagination


Join the many readers in Germany and the US have hailed this children's book as one of their main staples to a fulfilled life!

YES, you read that right. Embedded in this story is a therapeutic technique that will help create amazing changes in emotions, behavior and real life experiences in adults and children alike.
It includes a CD with three audio exercises, that follow the methods taught in the book.

 I especially invite anyone working with clients, children and people in a therapeutic manner to read this book and apply its technique.

It is based on the amazing work of Dr. Vernon Wolf, and Holodynamics. In this heartwarming, illustrated children's book, for children and adults alike, Alin learns from his genie how to develop imagery skills to transform feelings of anger, hurt, etc. into courage and love, and learns in the process how to manifest.
That is why children across the world have said that they feel as if they were given a true magic wand..

Step by step processes unfold throughout the fairy tale which teach very effective methods of changing negative states into empowered experiences and create miracles.
By utilizing the Quantum Imaging processes outlined in the book, the reader can begin making real changes in any area of their life.
Also a great tool for parents to help their child deal with their emotions, and for themselves!

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