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"... This seminar has been mind-blowing, one of the most beautiful and most valuable transformational experiences of my life, accelerating my evolution dramatically!

Dear Ilona and Don, thank you so much for who you are and what you made possible for us! Thank you for your presence, your dedication, your love, your inspiration, the sharing of your so very valuable knowing and experience, the many powerful tools you have been giving to us. Thank you for the new rooms of consciousness you opened up for us so easily and the spheres you have been taking us on a journey. You are great teachers, incredible lightful beings with only the purest of intention and a representation of tomorrow’s world. And Shangri-La really deserves its name!

Daniela W.

Dear ilona, and don

the seminar was magnificent....

i am still "flying" and letting it all integrate... 
and again thank you for the excellent and powerful seminar. You have
changed my life. i am grateful to you both.

Ma Chere Ilona and Don

I am Happy, thanks to You! My confidence is back, I love myself again.

I loved every minute off my stay with you both, and I congratulate You for your achievement … The Beauty, Elegance, Charm, and the respect and friendship you share with every one working with you; this is a very important part of the Harmony…

The Time You shared with me and us, was fabulous…in French: MAGNIFIQUE!

You are in my heart, permanently and comfortable and I thank you every day for Me being reborn in LOVE and PEACE…

"This is the best course of all the ones I have taken for my personal growth. I achieved deeper, prolonged and more real growth in consciousness that keeps expanding all on its own , for a fraction of the time and the money I have spent elsewhere!"

"This course rescued my life, in various ways: I learned to work less and to achieve better results, I learned the art of pre-envisioning my success and most significantly of all, I learned to be kinder and more loving with myself.”

"I am grateful for this course from deepest part of my heart because it opened the door for my soul to be truly creative and to create reality. I truly live more '' from vision ' every day” 

"The 5 week course Living From Vision showed me how to live daily from and with my higher self and to allow the life force and the energies of the universe to flow freely, instead of me wanting to keep my life under control.”

Dear Ilona 
Thanks for your valuable gift! I want to share it with as many souls as possible and so they can learn also through me. 
I like you, Gregor,

Hello Ilona, 
I finished your course for "Living From Vision" and I can only say: Great!!

Dear Ilona, 
I must tell you something... since I did the 5-week program Living From Vision and then met you when you came to Wislikofen, I simply succeed at everything.... I receive things, that I need, meet people that make me happy and that I make happy,.... 
I have booted up my PC... and I imagined yesterday how I would get an 'Office' package for my PC ( I did this fully automatically already in my subconscious), and today, as I came home, guess what I found on my kitchen table: The new XP Microsoft Office ! Awesome, or not? I feel tremendously good and would like to share this with you I... until soon 
OLI 18 years 

Dear Ilona
Your vision led me strongly through and into finding my life's purpose. Thanks many times. 
Dearest greetings, 

Dear Ilona, dear Don, 
I would like to heartily thank you again for the seminar the end of May on the Rügel for the impressive three seminar days. 
It moved me very much and I still am filled from the experiences. I discovered the real connection with my high self, which previously had only been a theoretical knowledge. 
I now notice the difference - when I am in connection with my Higher Self and when not. Even so, it is almost impossible for me to be without my connection to the Higher Self. In my feelings, my thoughts and actions, I live much more consciously and also have become more affectionate and so much simpler the relationship to my fellow humans now. Also the Tracking Technique I applied with myself and also with my husband. It really is an enrichment and leads us increasingly into a light filled existence. 
Much cordial thanks. 
With the dearest greetings Danielle 

Dear Ilona, dear Don! 
All dear wishes for you! I often think of you! Thank you that you let your star shine so brightly, that I could find it! Your Soul-Travel seminar opened up a new dimension for me and is a turning point in my life. 
I bought your self study course Living From Vision at your seminar and worked through it during the 5 weeks after the seminar. It actually surpassed my expectations! Finally, I found effective instruments, with which I can solve inner conflicts lovingly, finally, I got great value, visions, and am moving in the direction of my wishes and goals. I feel clearer and happier. 
Dearest greetings 
Your Ulrike

Dear Ilona, 
since I have been living for the last year and a half the concepts of 'Living From Vision' I have changed my life to the positive consistently.
It convinced me from the beginning that it the methods weren't trying to 'convert' me but that your over a hypothesis, that everyone can try for themselves.
It is like with a new meal: If one doesn't tastes it, one never knows whether it tastes good or not. Your menu bedazzeled me: I feel more balanced, more content and more confident around worlds. 
Dear greetings, Greg

Dear Ilona, 
my friend Susanne and I now have met already for 4 weeks, every Sunday at the same time of day, in order to do the course LIVES FROM VISION. Your materials are designed very well. With this textbook, the CD's and the weekly practices together with the daily logbook, it is fun to work. We have experience all possible things. 
It is difficult to put into words: It is a process, that started and that still lasts. 
From the summit of the mountains, until down into the valley, we already experienced all possible heights and low flights. Step by step, we get closer to our goals, and some of them have manifested already, others are still on the way.
It is interesting how different life can be if one puts the lever in the right positions.

I suddenly feel quite different. I feel very free and I sense that everything goes very easily and is good. 
I feel a deep inner peace, am in the union with my soul. I can life flow and enjoy it. 
Yes I am happy. I am so happy to know my inner adviser, and to feel full and whole. I have to learned to let go, and to not always have to have everything under control. I had wanted to determine everything. 
Now I know, what works better for me: I formulate visions and my wishes and dreams and let go of the, in order to let them arrive. This works so well me, without 'my' big push for things to happen. 
For the first time, I determine in my life and without much energy expenditure I reach so much. With little energy, I succeed at almost everything now. And if something is not so good, this also fits. Then, it is exactly the right thing in respect to my situation. Yes - I wishes me, that all my 4 goals reach fulfillment. And quite deep in my heart I know that it will be so.
I have all the time of this world, am ready for more and I admit it. And that is genuinely a beautiful feeling. We now are in the fourth week and still have 2 weeks left. 
When the course will be done I will miss it. I am glad I can repeat the course alone. 
In the meantime thank you so much from the Tirolean mountains!
cordially, Carmen

Dear Ilona
Through your course "Living From Vision" finally I was able to fulfill my dream. It is one of the most beautiful and most colorful life experiences that I ever have experienced!!!!! thanks, thank you, thank you!!!! 
Heidi Mois 

Dear Ilona 
This letter is from a LFV Teacher in Australia:
We had our 2 nd class reunion and there were a few missing but it was still a lovely night. David's Mom was there (David was at his new piano lesson)
She said she wish he could have come as he looked so different. He went for contact lenses today had his head shaved ( to raise money for cancer research)He was so tall with glasses and a "nurd' haircut) Now his Mom says he stands tall and is having so much fun.his new piano teacher says he is a better pianist than her .She has two pianos and they play together and she lets him improvise.He is getting ready for one of his wishes to be in a "swing " band. His Mom was saying that since he was 8 he's been saying he doesn't know why he was here and was better off dead.

Now he's so happy She has suggested I contact the headmaster of his school( a very forward thinking man ) about running courses at school as we have a very high ratio of young males committing suicide. I will do that next week She is quite happy for me to use David as an example of what happens. The Mom's story goes on Her husband came home last week and said he wanted her out of the house the marriage was ended.her first thought was she'd sleep in her new car and just go home for showers and to eat then the course kicked in and she thought "Hey I don't want to leave my home and sons if he wants it over he can leave !!" About an hour later he phoned to say he didn't mean it.

She loves talking in the group and is so new to all this she is now going to do Vianna's course !! She knows now she doesn't want to be a pharmacist but hasn't found her purpose yet. Anita told more of her story The abusive boyfriend had persuaded her to smoke pot and she had become addicted as well as prescription drugs for her back. She is now off all drugs and said she is seeing life clearly. She loves work and is just working for the care of her patients. She looks so different she's a joy to see. Fran has done a reflexology course since finishing the course (see didn't think she could complete a course before We had a good night and it was great. I had a lovely time with jenny having coffee this morning I do realize if she gets angry again I can't get dragged in. I am looking forward to Sunday and lesson 4.

Lots of Love and Hugs 

Dear Ilona, 
I wanted to tell you once again, like uplifted and transformed I was from the Seminar in Wesel at the Holographic Imaging Seminar. My dearest Thanks for these wonderful unforgettable moments. 
Please feel embraced and I send you joy and love 

Dear Ilona,
Thank you for the beautiful one-on-one session. It was very powerful!
I love the image I received and am keeping it in my consciousness...

Dear Ilona and Don, 
This was one of the best vacations of my life, in Florida with you. I had high expectations and they were exceeded. 
I felt completely comfortable with all of you. It was a great group. 

Hello Ilona, 
I have completed your course "Living From Vision" can only say: great!! 
One year has passed now since I was on Maui to meditate and many of my visions have manifested. Finally I found my dream job!

Dear Ilona! 
Now, I extremely am touched that you still remember me. I am moved to tears because I think of you and at Don so often. And as your work continues with your seminars I gain strength again and again from my memories of the trip, the connections with you and the other participants and the dolphins. Soon, I will do my LFV course for the third time. 
The first time I did it before the trip to be with you. Then I did two during my pregnancy and close to the time of the birth of my daughter Emily. And once more later.
I would like to wish you a fulfilling time. Quite certainly I will see again you at a seminar!
I send you thoughts full of love and light! Until soon! 
Karin Lieb

Dear Ilona, 
The 2001 seminar at the Jonathan Seminar House near Munich had a lasting effect on me, for which I am very grateful. 
To you and Don I send Peace and Joy! Namaste, 

I am just very happy and infinitely grateful for the seminar in Key West with you and the dolphins. I believe, I never haver hand a sooo much fun in my life and so many beautiful experiences, as on Key west in these days. 
Heartily Ruth 

Hello Ilona, 
I used the "Tracking" I learned from you and had fantastic results! I am very grateful for this wonderful transformation tool. I am able to apply it again and again in my own life!
It works also very well with people, that haven't done the Living From Vision course yet! It is our job down here to spread a little more light and love on Earth and also in the greater surroundings, 
again with love,

Dear dear Ilona, 
I am sure you have got already many great feedback letters. It is in my heart to tell you again how important your seminars, books, CDs and also the LFV course was and how valuable it is. 
The energy alone, that is felt during your seminars, is amazing . To feel and to carry home the energy over so many weeks is grand.
Your way to mediate, your special way of being spiritual and your energy, creativity, aliveness and zest for life you share always were so good for me to experience. I could see it shine from deep inside you. Unbelievable that I have been without it until now!

I am so very happy that you come to the Jonathan Seminar House near Munich/Chiemsee in June and please me of our reunion! 
I hope very much, you decide to keep sharing your experiences with us all and still pan on coming to seminars in Germany. 
1000 heart greetings from the sunny Kassel at you both! 
Quite dear greetingses, B.B.

Dear Ilona! 
First I would like to thank you for the great book about the wisdom of the dolphins !!!
I went into the bookstore, and it literally fell from the shelf into my lap.
I took it home and never put it out of my hands until the last page.
It helped me to locate some patterns in my life and to discover my vision even more clearly. 
My work, as a therapist, has become more conscious through your book. Dolphins escorted me already through my whole life and I now notice, that they offer powerfully help me in my work. 
While I wrote my thesis about autistic children, I always wondered what dolphins have, that reaches these children. I now sense this potential also in me. The dolphins and the children are my most valuable teachers and this is my work at the moment. Your book contributed greatly to this.
I am looking forward to take part in a seminar with you, as well as am looking forward to swim with the dolphins.... thank you and a dear greeting 
Kerstin King

Dear Ilona 
You and Don are very often in my thoughts - and I am always full of gratitude for you what I wonderful impulses I received through you. 
It has opened my heart, my eyes and soul and spirit. I am stronger and more consciously create!
I also now and then keep in touch with W.and P. the ones form the desert.
Your Karola 

Dear Ilona, 
we had written several times ourselves 2004 since I was so enthusiastic about your book "The wisdom the dolphin." 
During the last year I did almost all Holographic Imaging CDs and have done much with them. 
In the summer then, I began self study course Living From Vision. 
I just finished it a second time and wanted to inform you, how wonderful this course is! 
It helps me every time to focus on the essential things in life and I manage to get more done than I do otherwise. 
It is simply fantastic! 
I especially love the CD "Pre-experiencing your Success"
You give such wonderful support! 
Thousand thanks for this phenomenal work! 
Hugging you and wishing you and Don a wonderful light filled Christmas celebration and a fulfilling year 2006! 
Much light and love 

Dear Ilona, 
The seminar in Key WEST is admittedly already very long ago,. Summers 2000. But this one week is and remains in my memory my most beautiful gifts of the life. 
I fight very much with my everyday life here, with two children, one is now 4 years and a sunshine. It touched me very much, what you wrote in your Newsletter. Also one of my best friend suddenly died two years ago. The more beautifully it was, it is to read from you now, that you nevertheless are in so much positive and beautiful surroundings at home.
Your words are like a ray of light and remind me again of the meaning of life.
To live every day full of gratitude and making sure this gratitude is also expressed. 
All love 

Dear Ilona! 
From my heart I thank you and Don for your devoted work, that helps so many people to get more inner peace. 
This inner peace is the most important prerequisite for outer peace, that this splendid planet has to offer with all its miracles. 
After the initial Initiation for the expansion of my consciousness a few years ago in a seminar with you, my life has changed significantly. 
It is embossed deeply within me now and still manifests in a manner, that I neither expected or had hoped for and still I still learn. Life is such a wonderful gift!
Even if our ways never crossed again I thank you for my coming home. I found out another route to my inner self, yet I still feel a strong inner solidarity and love for you, however. Through your news and reports, that so you share with us all so frankly is your very present and contributes much to the peace process. 
Namaste, Max, 

Dear Ilona, 
The effect from the seminar is ever ongoing within me. I read very much and attended many seminars and Workshops. Always, I waited that one day I will find my master. A long time ago, however, I became aware that I had found you long ago. 
So, I can "clean house" between your seminars, with your presence in all the depth. This is good and I feel at home. 
If I visit a "event" I always check to see what kind of energy is there. Usually the energy fluctuates very much. With you the energy is fully there, from beginning until the end and inwardly it lasts till today. 
Isn't that wonderful?
I thank God and you, that we met. 
I send you and Don all love, luck, joy, beaming light, love and still success, 
Your Jürgen 

Dear Ilona and dear Don 
My heart was sooo wide open after your wonderful seminar that I could have embraced the whole world. THANK your for all the love that I try to pass on to others and thank you for my second renaissance in one year. 
I wish you wonderful course days at the Jonathan Seminar House at the Chiemsee and also nothing but nice people. 
Your born-again Karola 

Dear Ilona Selke, 
Where I should start? It is beautifully that you exist.
In Jan 2005 I found my self on Koh Samui, Thailand, at a tropical bungalow Resort. 
At the reception, there was a small corner with literature in all languages, which tourists had left there. Guess which book fell for my hands? "The Journey to the Center of Creation" called "The wisdom of the Dolphins" in German by Ilona Selke. 
I felt so blessed and I felt like I was on a dream island with my dream husband. I felt very good with your book!
I can say that reading the book made even happier.

Back at home in February, I recommended your book to a friend. A short time later, she was totally enthusiastic and we ordered the self study course Living >From Vision from your sister, and did the course for 5 weeks. 
Later on I did the course again. I need to tell you that this course is marvelous, great, super, brilliantly conceived, etc. What I want to say would explode the framework here. Many goals have already realized themselves and I will still realize many more wishes. I am currently writing a book and would like to dedicate one page to you in it, as well as recommend your course. I would like to ask therefore you hereby for permission to mention your name. Thank your for your very beautiful work and the reports you send out.
All love to you,
Christine Höf 

Hello dear Ilona!
Since I read your book 'The Wisdom of the Dolphins' (Journey to the Center of Creation) approximately 3 years ago, my life has changed. I read it again and again. I have already done both seminars, 'Tracking' and 'Soul Travel Seminar.'
These seminars gave me so much and I have utilized my new tools and am so much more expanded in my consciousness.
I thank you and also Don for your help in this universe,
with love and goodness
Petra Geiselmayr

Dear Ilona, 
I just finished reading your book and am very touched. It is very beautiful. Here the Spring is in full bloom and last weekend, I sat on the balcony in the sun for the first time and devoured the fist 13 chapters instantly. It has inspired me so much and brought my consciousness to understand the deeper underlying forces of my life. This was exactly what I needed, because I am in a situation where all possibilities are open again...... I would like to use my time to look over the edge of the plate and decide where my life's journey should actually go. 
I am very connected with you and send you my dearest greetingses 

A Naturopath in Germany took the Living From Vision® course taught by Dr. Kedding. He had chosen the goal of creating the funds for his orphanage in India which he supported with his own efforts. For his new vision he needed 70.000 DM. Three weeks into the course he manifested ALL the funds. Large donations were given to him in the most surprising way. 
He had a genuine need, and the need was answered. 
G. W. Naturopath, Germany

An author took the Living From Vision® course taught by Marion Selke in Bonn Germany. He had two goals. First to find a publisher for his first book, and next a specific sum of money for his daily living. Shortly after the class, he got a check for the exact amount of money he had envisioned, which was amazing in itself. 
Beyond that, he received a contract from a publisher for his first novel! Of course he was moved by his experience of co-creating reality. He continues using the LFV cassettes at home. 
T.G. Author, Germany

“A call for help from the depth of my soul was answered.” ... “this course is so very able to make one understand the workings of life! You feel paradise on Earth.” Self Study course 
Artist, Germany

“I was able to quadruple my income with this course!” Therapist and LFV Teacher 
Susan Castle, Entrepreneur, Chicago USA

“I envisioned exactly everything the way it turned out now! All my goals have manifested.” 
Seminar Coordinator, USA

“I can hardly believe it, but my biggest dream came true! I am living my dream! Living From Vision works! Here is the picture of the caravan I manifested.” 
Teacher’s Evaluator of 30 years, Oregon USA

One woman took the LFV self-study course. When she first called me she was in tears many times during the conversation, due to her emotional stress and instability. After 5 weeks, she felt that she had been able to take responsibility for her life, make choices that lead to centeredness, and felt happy. 
Caregiver, California USA

“With this course I became the top sales-man of the company. Everyone wanted to know how I had done it! I was asked to give a speech about it.” 
Gary, Salesperson, Chicago, USA

The following story is of a man who is a film-maker. 
J.R. was teaching the Living From Vision course for the first time. To put the course to the test, he imaged a super expensive blue Audi. Within weeks he received a phone-call from the Lotto-Totto, the German Lottery. They told him that he had won an Audi. It was the very model he had envisioned. Only it was red, not blue! 
J. R. Filmmaker, Germany

My name is Carol Wyn-Williams I have been teaching the Living from Vision® Course in Australia. 
I am so thrilled with the results we have been getting with the students. Here are some of the testimonials: 

I will start with myself as I can personally vouch for the change within me. Before staring the course I had very little self esteem and was overweight. 
As soon as I did the home study course I started to change the way I thought of myself. I have lost 28 lb. since Christmas and I am now the size I was in my 20's (I'm 56 years old). 

Last night we went out to dinner with a group of friends, one of which is my husbands deputy manager and his wife who have known us for 9 years. When they came into the restaurant they didn't recognize me. I was lighter and had a swish new outfit on. The wife did a double take and nearly fell backwards down the stairs !!!! It was really funny to watch. She kept saying how great I looked.

The most apparent changes are visible on the outside, but she doesn't realize the greatest change is from the inside out and it’s the new energy people are responding to. I can honestly say I enjoy teaching this course because I know it works. I have a different view on life. 

My relationship with my husband is now on a different footing and inspired by my loss of weight he too has lost 26 lb. Every time I teach a class it is so great to see the people change before my eyes. I keep in touch and the change is being maintained. 

Here are some of my students stories:
Here is a story of a very troubled teenager. The teenager decided to do the course. A miracle story from Carol Wyn Willams, his LFV teacher.

D. S. 14 years old teenager: 
We have a 14 year old boy, called D. in our LFV class, who is being bullied at school and was very depressed when he came. He spent most of the first half hour in tears. He was very sad.

His mom had taken him to the doctor the day of the class because he was so depressed. After the class he had been able to talk for the first time with his mom in a long time. He hadn't been talking at all with his mom prior. He told her how he felt and they spent a long while talking. Days later he said, he had been the happiest he'd ever been and was coming back next week determined to do something with his life!

He is now coping well with school and instead of sitting watching television or being on the computer he now plays sport. He's playing tennis and is now beating his twin brother at swimming for the first time ever. He is also trying cricket even though he knows he plays badly at this moment He is now willing to stand up and try. He was looking everyone in the eye by the end of the course and joining in the discussions even making jokes.

One month later we heard the follow up to his story: 
D. was at his new piano lesson and he looked so different. He had gotten contact lenses and had his head shaved to raise money for cancer research. Now his Mom says he stands tall and is having so much fun.

His new piano teacher says he is a better pianist than her. .She has two pianos and they play together and she lets him improvise. He is getting ready for one of his wishes to be in a "swing band."

His Mom was saying that since he was 8 he's been saying he doesn't know why he was here. Now he's so happy. 
She has suggested I contact the headmaster of his school, a very forward thinking man, about running LFV Courses at school.

J. S. Healthworker in her early 40's 
She was very nervous and found it hard to stand up for herself. She was seeing a councilor and having problems with her son. At the end of the LFV course she was much more confident and had a major confrontation with her parents over doing the course and stood her ground. 
I saw her yesterday as she took delivery of a new car, the first car she has had of her own. She was so pleased. Her husband was there and said the car had to last her 15 years. She smiled and said "I've already talked to the salesman. I will upgrade in a couple of years. Her husband shrugged his shoulders and replied, "She doesn't need me any more." 
Last I saw of her she was driving off in her new car in the sole charge of her freedom !!

And more: 
She phoned today and was very enthusiastic and said the LFV class was everything that she'd hoped for! 
She was a new woman !!!! Before Xmas she had wanted to leave her job and find a new one. During one phone conversation I had been telling her over the phone a technique from the LFV course: “Don't focus on the job you don't want but on what it is you do want, the new job.” 
She had an interview for a job before she came down here. She had emptied her desk at her old place before she left, as she said she wouldn't be back!! On her way home today the new employer phoned her to say she had the new job. She said “Think what I can do now that I know what I'm doing (after the LFV course)!” 

A.H. In her 50's. Ex schoolteacher: 
She had to retire because of stress causing panic attacks. These attacks have been severe and have lasted for a few years. Just before the class she had been hospitalized again. She attended the LFV class in January and in her quiet way made major steps in her life. She could not drive because of the attacks and was dependent on her husband.

By the end of the course she was driving everywhere. Her husband had become very ill in the middle of the course so she drove to and from the hospital every day and coped well with the stress involved with the illness. She asserted herself in the hospital and felt so powerful. She was talking to a lady who is just about to do the class. She had asked why the course had done for her 
A. Replied, “It’s nothing short of miraculous.” 

A. N. nurse late 20's: 
A. had been anorexic since the age of 13 and had been in hospitals for many years of her life, because of the anorexia. Her first relationship was abusive and she was very depressed. Although emotionally still up and down during the course she had made steps forward .She ended the relationship which she didn't have the courage to do before, as she realized she was worthy of more.

Next she started a better relationship with her mother. On the last week of the course she had her first menstrual period since she was thirteen! Her body was reflecting her inner changes. I saw her last week. She will do the course again as she feels that will help her maintain and increase herself esteem.

She told me more of her story. The abusive boyfriend had persuaded her to smoke pot and she had become addicted to pot as well as the prescription drugs for her back pain. 
She is now off all drugs and said she is seeing life clearly. She loves work and is just working for the care of her patients. She looks so different. She's a joy to see. 

D. V. 40's Healthworker: 
D. is a very caring practitioner and was having a major problem with threatened 
litigation. The LFV Course help her put this in perspective and she started to focus on the success of her job instead of the threat of the litigation. The last classs’ lesson was very emotional for her, and she had a major breakthrough around the emotions caused by her daughter’s heroine addiction combined with anorexia.

She realized that she could put her own life on hold if and when her daughter goes into detox. She would help her and her grandson. It was so emotional as she shared her story. 
Additionally the day before her elder son had phoned and told her he loved her for the first time. He told her how glad he was that she was his Mother.

Her younger son started going on walks with her, after years of not wanting to be seen with her in public. There wasn't a dry eye in the class. I will never forget that day and that class. 

V. D. late 20's, Catering manager: 
V. really taught the class a lot. Her 30 year old brother to whom she is very close, is dying of melanoma, cancer of the skin. She learned skills to help her and her family through this very stressful time. She was like a sponge and soaked up the teaching so well and so quickly. She will be an inspiration. She is already that to me. 

P. F. early 60's : 
Pat lost her only child 10 years ago in a motorbike accident and since then has worn a mantle of sadness which she couldn't move. She also was frightened of driving. By the end of the course she was more confident, had joined a computer course she couldn’t do that before and was driving without being afraid. I saw her two weeks ago and for the first time in ten years she was talking about the happy times with her son and the funny things he used to do. She now participates in the conversations instead of just sitting and observing. 

A Naturopath in Germany wrote us the following e-mail: 
“Den Kasettenkurs Living from Vision habe ich eifrig gemacht und es haben sich erstaunliche "Wunder" ergeben ! Die Arbeit ist so wirkungsvoll, daß ich fast Angst bekommen habe, vor der Schnelligkeit der Umsetzung und merke, daß ich wirklich gut auswählen sollte, was ich denke und wünsche !!!!! Toll! Danke!” 
Dr. G. Germany

In English: 
“I finished the LFV self-study course with full fervor and amazing ‘miracles’ have come about! The work is so effective, that I nearly got afraid of the speed of manifestation, and I notice that I really have to be carefull what I ask for, and what I think and wish!!!!!! Fantastic! Thank you!”

“At the beginning of the course I had tremendous financial difficulties in my company. I needed A LOT of money to keep my company afloat. Then I applied all of the imagery techniques from the Living From Vision Course through my daily work with the tapes and .... in the third week I had miracles happen. ALL of the money I needed manifested in the most amazing way. I am recommending this course to all of my employees.” 
M. B. Arsbeck, Germany

“I was working as a hairdresser and had developed a bad skin rash. I was not to happy with my work and I didn’t feel that I was living up to my potential. I aligned with my inner purpose for my life’s energy and discovered that I wanted to be much more creative in the field I was working in. 
At the end of my Living From Vision® Course my boss came to me out of the blue and asked me if I wanted to head an ultra- new section of the hair-dressing salon. I was to do Costume-Hair-Design. As soon as I started on my new and utterly creative job my skin rash disappeared. Thanks for your amazing course.” 
Basel, Germany

“This course has changed my life...I learned how to quiet my busy mind, embrace my inner wisdom and have made changes in my life I thought were not possible... 
I recommend this course to anyone wanting magic in their life and profound inner joy and peace.” 
N. Z., Ashland Oregon

“This work, Living From Vision, is like a secret back door to a richer and more intuitive spiritual life, without the dogma. I still continue working with the tapes, now years later, and my life unfolds like magic.” 
C. Johnson, Hawaii 

“I have tried many diets, without much success. When I re-scripted my unconscious imagery about my weight, I can hardly believe it but I am loosing weight! This is the best course I have taken.” 
Cologne, Germany

“I feel powerful and connected. I now have the skills I need to create my life how I want it to be. I have gained an inner peace that will stay with me, because I now know how to create it. Thank you for helping this to be possible for me!” 
Ashland, Oregon

“I wanted to change me job and create a better relationship. I don’t know how this could all be possible but miraculously I got my job within three months to my specific criteria.”

“This is the best personal growth class I have taken out of many. For a fraction of the time and money I have gotten a deeper, more ongoing, more real awakening experience that has its own perpetuation built in.”

“I started seeing results immediately. I am able to do things I thought I had to put off. I found money and time to travel overseas several times! The results are incredible!”

“This course has given me the skills to triple my business.... and it was effortless.” 
M. Jones, Chicago

“Your course saved my life in many ways.... I have learned how to work for fewer hours, while achieving greater results, learned the art of visualizing success in advance and most importantly, learned how to be more gently and loving with myself.” 
F. Martin, Chicago

“Upon applying the skills I learned in this course I negotiated the largest business partnership ever for my company...and it seemed so easy.... The Living From Vision course is THE best course I have ever taken. What I like the best is how I re-learned to trust and act upon my intuition to create what I truly desire in my life.“ 
P. Barnes, Chicago

"I owe this course a debt of gratitude for opening the window to my soul's ability to create. I am truly living from "Vision" more and more every day". 
O. Morrisen 

"The Living From Vision Course helped me to sell my house 
in just one day... and I now found the new house of my dreams." 
Phyllis Gramas 

"Using the principles of Living From Vision have helped me leave a job I no longer enjoyed and to find a career I love." 
Sandy Ozburg 

"The Living From Vision® Course has helped me realize that my number one priority is developing a more loving relationship with my son... I now have the courage to share this with him and develop this goal together." 
Dan Jensen 

Manfred Wesel, Germany 
“I have taken similar courses for a lot more money. This course could easily cost 10 X the amount and still outshine all the others. It is marvelous how my life has turned around since last year! I have the relationship I want, I am in my own creative business since then. All that happened as a result of me applying the principles of Living From Vision.” 

Dr. Constantin Nobelis N.D. 53 years old. 
I have been through a heavily stressful life for the last 5 years, facing major problems and whilst trying to find the best possible solution, had to endure onslaught after onslaught. I had to persevere the problems and the onslaughts for the sake of my children and now that they are off my responsibility and old enough, I was looking as to how I could reconnect with my old self.

The reason why I attended the course was to get back with my ability to put a dream into practise.

Working through the course in the first lesson already, I found myself being able to live from vision again. 
I got more than what I bargained for, I became aware of the practical steps a person goes through to put his vision into action. Now, whether I am under stress or not I can still do it.

I put the value of this course on to BECOMING AWARE of what the steps are that we need to do for success in our lives.

Chris Engelbrecht (Africa) 
At 45, who needs a course … A course to change your life? 
Well, everybody needs this course!! 
Whether you are 12 or 82, it will change your life … for the better! Personally, it came God sent at the worst time of my entire life!!

I was absolutely devastated through, or rather because of the reality of life … all my vocational dreams and hopes were part of this Dream … then shattered in one moment!! But God sent “Living from Vision”!

The tools of the course preserved my Dream for Africa … Peace through Quality of Life!!:

A week after the course I was in the Parliament in South Africa… sharing our vision of peace!! 
My new self image created the path to success.

Ilona, God bless your course with the dear Doctor. Be assured I will continuously promote my life saving strategy … LIVING FROM VISION!! 
A must for all … even 45 years old!!

Candance K. Colorado USA 
“Thank you for helping me become a more radiant being! After reading the book ‘Journey to the Center of Creation’ by Ilona Selke, I decided to take the Video-Self-Study version of the Living From Vision Course. I loved it! It enabled me to direct my life and make it into the way I want to live. I feel the class has enabled me to be a better healer, direct my life much better and helped me let go of the past.” 

Claudia Buisson 47 years old (Africa) 
The 5 week “Living from Vision” course has brought forth the experience of living daily from my higher self and therefore allowing Life and the universal energies to flow freely instead of having the need to “be in control” of my life.

Our two daughters (18 & 21) live together and use the “refocusing” exercise; they are therefore not blocked by “sibling rivalry” as well as being able to “see through” the harm of drugs, drink and promiscuity that they see around them. They realise that they have inherent in them, the tools for taking responsibility of their own lives and that of planet earth.

I believe that this course is of fundamental value to our education and that of the future generations as it connects us to that deep part of us where we recognize our existing values as well as discover new values through imagery and visualisation. It is a dream come true!!

As a teacher of this beautiful course, I experience many moments of laughter, happiness and joy in myself as well as in those who have the desire to experience their real self. 

Jean Claude Buisson (South Africa) 64 years 
Firstly, a big thank you for this course that I attended twice.

This training has been the turning point in my life for giving me the tools to concentrate on the BIG PICTURE and acknowledging my priorities.

It allowed me to realize the efficiency of the empowering choices and the materialization of them. 
I face the daily difficulties with a much better attitude than before … going with the flow! 
In conclusion, I am much more relaxed and a happier person. 

Sandy de Jager - lawyer in Johannesburg 
“The course has helped me to realize that there are a lot of things in my life that I would like to change and that need to change. Now the course has given me the tools to effect the changes, and to instill good daily habits.” 

John Riggs - horticulturist 
"All I would like to say about the course is that it was wonderful and has inspired me and allowed my days to be effortless and easy. I have come out of a deep depression and severe insecure feeling and am on top of the world busy and successful as ever ---a new man and a different person ".

A Naturopath in Germany wrote us the following e-mail: 
I completed the LFV self study course and experienced amazing miracles. This work is so effective that I nearly got scared that's how fast the manifestations happened. I really have to choose wisely what I focus on, what I wish for!!!! SUPER! THANK YOU!!!!
Dr. G from Germany

“Den Kasettenkurs Living from Vision habe ich eifrig gemacht und es haben sich erstaunliche "Wunder" ergeben ! Die Arbeit ist so wirkungsvoll, daß ich fast Angst bekommen habe, vor der Schnelligkeit der Umsetzung und merke, daß ich wirklich gut auswählen sollte, was ich denke und wünsche !!!!! Toll! Danke!” 
Dr. G. Germany

Comments from Seminar in India Feb.2006

This was a life changing experience. We found out the negative things in us and could open up for life time. Thanks to Ilona and Don for their help. Although the participants were new to each other in some sense we could find higher soul connections between us and we enjoyed every moments between us and look forward to similar experiences in future. 
Thanks to Shreyans and Pinki Daga for arranging the seminar. 
I personally recommend those who have never gone through this seminar at least undergo once and have their life changes. Thanks a lot once again.
DR.KUMAR B.VAKIL Surat,Gujarat India.

Marvellous program to learn how to create our own reality. The techniques are very easy yet very powerful. The first thing that came to my mind after first tracking session was that all the problems that we think as ‘problems’ are actually opportunities chosen by us for our expansion in this 3D world. Ilona’s soothing voice is capable of shaking you from within and Don’s knowledge has stirred my mind to learn more about SE-5. My best wishes to both of them to continue their journey of uplifting lives all over the Earth planet.
Amit Parikh 

I find the Tracking technique to be absolutely amazing; I have been able to get to the bottom of certain issues I did not even realize existed prior to attending the workshop. I am so glad to have met Ilona and Don…they are an electrifying couple and their energies have contributed to my growth. 

Its been a transformation for me. I have changed. At first when I joined, I was apprehensive of the change. I thought I would never be able to overcome my pain. Magic did happen, and here I am with my positive full potential self writing my experience. Thanks to Don and Ilona for their support and also wonderful techniques to help to change and accept myself.Cheers, Veena Vani Chenna

Heartful thanks to Don and Ilona for reconnecting me to my magical self and reminding me that it was alright to dream and that miracles did take place and dreams did manifest into reality. I go back home with the gift of being connected to my soul in its highest potential.Vyjayanti Tejuja

What a privilege to have met Ilona and Don and to have been given the gift of their incredible knowledge and skills. I enjoyed every moment of their seminar. Thank you and hope to see you again in India soon!
Meher Davis

Yogesh Ahuja: 

About the Holo Imaing Sessions:

Good morning Ilona,
I want to thank you deeply for such a great and unique moment yesterday with the powerful imaging session. I have the profound feeling that this is contribution in changing my life as its purpose seems to be right on the wonderful path of my spiritual and personal evolution.

So much light and Love are now accompanying me. I still feel peaceful and very grateful to you to help me gain this new perspective on my Life and my path.
Your energy is so great and full of Love. Thank you so much.
I talked to Samuel this morning and told him you were sending him your book so he can make too the Living from vision course: he was so enthusiastic and happy! That was a great idea you had. Thanks a lot!
Have a wonderful day! I know I will!!!