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Cancelation adn Contractual Agreements

Welcome to the seminars by Ilona Selke and the online shop!

In order to organize the various seminars crosse the world, we depend on timely bookings by our participants in order to confirm dates on the one hand to our participants, and on the other hand be able to offer solid bookings to the hotel which host our seminars.

A deposit of 50% is required at the time of your booking, in order to reserve your space.

Should you need to cancel your reservation we will refund the 50% deposit (minus a fee of US$50) AS SOON  AS we are able to find a REPLACEMENT for your reservation.

In order to avoid any problems with unforeseen events, such as whether, airline problems, family issues, health issues or failure on the part of the seminar leader Ilona Selke, we recommend that you get a travel insurance, that not only covers your health insurance, but also the cancellation of the seminar for unforeseen reasons from your side or outside reasons.

So far we have not had to ever cancel an event, but we'd rather have you be safe than sorry.

These cancellation and contractual agreements are valid whether or not we have a signed contract by the participant. This website and page is part and parcel of the process of registration.

For the online shopping we guarantee a 100% delivery!

For all seminar registrations please contact our office in the United States:
Living from Vision
P.O. Box 1530
Stanwood, WA 98292
Tel: +13603875713