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Testimonials about the  
Living From Vision® Course

"An absolutely magnificent course you’ll be able to use again and again for the rest of your life."


A Naturopath in Germany took the Living From Vision® course taught by Dr. Kedding. He had chosen the goal of creating the funds for his orphanage in India which he supported with his own efforts. For his new vision he needed 70.000 DM. Three weeks into the course he manifested ALL the funds. Large donations were given to him in the most surprising way.  
He had a genuine need, and the need was answered.  
G. W. Naturopath, Germany 

An author took the Living From Vision® course taught by Marion Selke in Bonn Germany. He had two goals. First to find a publisher for his first book, and next a specific sum of money for his daily living. Shortly after the class, he got a check for the exact amount of money he had envisioned, which was amazing in itself.  
Beyond that, he received a contract from a publisher for his first novel! Of course he was moved by his experience of co-creating reality. He continues using the LFV cassettes at home.  
T.G. Author, Germany

“A call for help from the depth of my soul was answered.” ... “this course is so very able to make one understand the workings of life! You feel paradise on Earth.” Self Study course  
Artist, Germany

“I was able to quadruple my income with this course!” Therapist and LFV Teacher  
Susan Castle, Entrepreneur, Chicago USA 

“I envisioned exactly everything the way it turned out now! All my goals have manifested.”  
Seminar Coordinator, USA

“I can hardly believe it, but my biggest dream came true! I am living my dream! Living From Vision works! Here is the picture of the caravan I manifested.”  
Teacher’s Evaluator of 30 years, Oregon USA

One woman took the LFV self-study course. When she first called me she was in tears many times during the conversation, due to her emotional stress and instability. After 5 weeks, she felt that she had been able to take responsibility for her life, make choices that lead to centeredness, and felt happy.  
Caregiver, California USA

“With this course I became the top sales-man of the company. Everyone wanted to know how I had done it! I was asked to give a speech about it.”  
Gary, Salesperson, Chicago, USA

The following story is of a man who is a film-maker.  
J.R. was teaching the Living From Vision course for the first time. To put the course to the test, he imaged a super expensive blue Audi. Within weeks he received a phone-call from the Lotto-Totto, the German Lottery. They told him that he had won an Audi. It was the very model he had envisioned. Only it was red, not blue!  
J. R. Filmmaker, Germany

My name is Carol Wyn-Williams I have been teaching the Living from Vision® Course in Australia. 
I am so thrilled with the results we have been getting with the students. Here are some of the testimonials:  

I will start with myself as I can personally vouch for the change within me. Before staring the course I had very little self esteem and was overweight. 
As soon as I did the home study course I started to change the way I thought of myself. I have lost 28 lb. since Christmas and I am now the size I was in my 20's (I'm 56 years old).  

Last night we went out to dinner with a group of friends, one of which is my husbands deputy manager and his wife who have known us for 9 years. When they came into the restaurant they didn't recognize me. I was lighter and had a swish new outfit on. The wife did a double take and nearly fell backwards down the stairs !!!! It was really funny to watch. She kept saying how great I looked. 

The most apparent changes are visible on the outside, but she doesn't realize the greatest change is from the inside out and it’s the new energy people are responding to. I can honestly say I enjoy teaching this course because I know it works. I have a different view on life.  
My relationship with my husband is now on a different footing and inspired by my loss of weight he too has lost 26 lb. Every time I teach a class it is so great to see the people change before my eyes. I keep in touch and the change is being maintained.  

Here are some of my students stories: 

Here is a story of a very troubled teenager. The teenager decided to do the course. A miracle story from Carol Wyn Willams, his LFV teacher. 

D.  S. 14 years old teenager: 
We have a 14 year old boy, called D. in our LFV class, who is being bullied at school and was very depressed when he came. He spent most of the first half hour in tears. He was very sad. 

His mom had taken him to the doctor the day of the class because he was so depressed. After the class he had been able to talk for the first time with his mom in a long time. He hadn't been talking at all with his mom prior. He told her how he felt and they spent a long while talking. Days later he said, he had been the happiest he'd ever been and was coming back next week determined to do something with his life! 

He is now coping well with school and instead of sitting watching television or being on the computer he now plays sport. He's playing tennis and is now beating his twin brother at swimming for the first time ever. He is also trying cricket even though he knows he plays badly at this moment He is now willing to stand up and try. He was looking everyone in the eye by the end of the course and joining in the discussions even making jokes. 

One month later we heard the follow up to his story:  
D. was at his new piano lesson and he looked so different. He had gotten contact lenses and had his head shaved to raise money for cancer research. Now his Mom says he stands tall and is having so much fun. 

His new piano teacher says he is a better pianist than her. .She has two pianos and they play together and she lets him improvise. He is getting ready for one of his wishes to be in a "swing band." 

His Mom was saying that since he was 8 he's been saying he doesn't know why he was here. Now he's so happy.  
She has suggested I contact the headmaster of his school, a very forward thinking man, about running LFV Courses at school. 

J. S. Healthworker in her early 40's  
She was very nervous and found it hard to stand up for herself. She was seeing a councilor and having problems with her son. At the end of the LFV course she was much more confident and had a major confrontation with her parents over doing the course and stood her ground.  
I saw her yesterday as she took delivery of a new car, the first car she has had of her own. She was so pleased. Her husband was there and said the car had to last her 15 years. She smiled and said "I've already talked to the salesman. I will upgrade in a couple of years. Her husband shrugged his shoulders and replied, "She doesn't need me any more."  
Last I saw of her she was driving off in her new car in the sole charge of her freedom !! 

And more:  
She phoned today and was very enthusiastic and said the LFV class was everything that she'd hoped for!  
She was a new woman !!!! Before Xmas she had wanted to leave her job and find a new one. During one phone conversation I had been telling her over the phone a technique from the LFV course: “Don’t focus on the job you don't want but on what it is you do want, the new job.”  
She had an interview for a job before she came down here. She had emptied her desk at her old place before she left, as she said she wouldn't be back!! On her way home today the new employer phoned her to say she had the new job. She said “Think what I can do now that I know what I'm doing (after the LFV course)!”  
A.H. In her 50's. Ex schoolteacher:  
She had to retire because of stress causing panic attacks. These attacks have been severe and have lasted for a few years. Just before the class she had been hospitalized again.  She attended the LFV class in January and in her quiet way made major steps in her life. She could not drive because of the attacks and was dependent on her husband. 

By the end of the course she was driving everywhere. Her husband had become very ill in the middle of the course so she drove to and from the hospital every day and coped well with the stress involved with the illness. She asserted herself in the hospital and felt so powerful. She was talking to a lady who is just about to do the class. She had asked why the course had done for her  
A. Replied, “It’s nothing short of miraculous.”  

A. N. nurse late 20's:  
A. had been anorexic since the age of 13 and had been in hospitals for many years of her life, because of the anorexia. Her first relationship was abusive and she was very depressed. Although emotionally still up and down during the course she had made steps forward .She ended the relationship which she didn't have the courage to do before, as she realized she was worthy of more. 

Next she started a better relationship with her mother. On the last week of the course she had her first menstrual period since she was thirteen! Her body was reflecting her inner changes. I saw her last week. She will do the course again as she feels that will help her maintain and increase herself esteem. 

She told me more of her story. The abusive boyfriend had persuaded her to smoke pot and she had become addicted to pot as well as the prescription drugs for her back pain.  
She is now off all drugs and said she is seeing life clearly. She loves work and is just working for the care of her patients. She looks so different. She's a joy to see. 

D. V. 40's Healthworker:  
D.  is a very caring practitioner and was having a major problem with threatened  
litigation. The LFV Course help her put this in perspective and she started to focus on the success of her job instead of the threat of the litigation. The last class’ lesson was very emotional for her, and she had a major breakthrough around the emotions caused by her daughter’s heroine addiction combined with anorexia. 

She realized that she could put her own life on hold if and when her daughter goes into detox. She would help her and her grandson. It was so emotional as she shared her story.  
Additionally the day before her elder son had phoned and told her he loved her for the first time. He told her how glad he was that she was his Mother. 

Her younger son started going on walks with her, after years of not wanting to be seen with her in public. There wasn't a dry eye in the class. I will never forget that day and that class.  

V. D.  late 20's, Catering manager:    
V. really taught the class a lot. Her 30 year old brother to whom she is very close, is dying of melanoma, cancer of the skin. She learned skills to help her and her family through this very stressful time. She was like a sponge and soaked up the teaching so well and so quickly. She will be an inspiration. She is already that to me.  

P. F. early 60's :  
Pat lost her only child 10 years ago in a motorbike accident and since then has worn a mantle of sadness which she couldn't move. She also was frightened of driving. By the end of the course she was more confident, had joined a computer course she couldn’t do that before and was driving without being afraid. I saw her  two weeks ago and for the first time in ten years she was talking about the happy times with her son and the funny things he used to do. She now participates in the conversations instead of just sitting and observing.  

A Naturopath in Germany wrote us the following e-mail:  
“Den Kasettenkurs Living from Vision habe ich eifrig gemacht und es haben sich erstaunliche "Wunder" ergeben ! Die Arbeit ist so wirkungsvoll, daß ich fast Angst bekommen habe, vor der Schnelligkeit der Umsetzung und merke, daß ich wirklich gut auswählen sollte, was ich denke und wünsche !!!!! Toll! Danke!”  
Dr. G. Germany 

Dear Ilona,
  I finished Dolphins Love and Destiny last night and I feel moved to write you. I believe you have given a priceless gift to the world with this book and I want to thank you.  I both learned, and was pointed to things I need to learn.
  The LFV course and your books have catapulted me forward on my journey. I am very thankful I was introduced to you by the Hay House Summit.
In Spirit and Love,
Phillip McAllister
Jupiter, FL
 In English:  
“I finished the LFV self-study course with full fervor and amazing ‘miracles’ have come about! The work is so effective, that I nearly got afraid of the speed of manifestation, and I notice that I really have to be carefull what I ask for, and what I think and wish!!!!!! Fantastic! Thank you!”

Dear Ilona

here is my feedback on the questions at the end of the class:

1.  What did you find most valuable about this class?
a) The breaking down of steps to manifest!  Much of what has been out there for the past 8 years has just shown "certain" people at their end results waving their flags or money saying "look at me I did it!"  But giving no thorough, effective, practical, long-term directions how.  That was one thing that is so different from other manifestation materials.

b) The second was the power of imagery, teaching the different ways to use it (which I had never read about before or hadn't been explained so succinctly), and Ilona's voice in leading the imagery.  You can feel her gift of visualization and her intention which helps the quality of your meditation.

c) Doing it everyday over the time of the course was nothing I had ever done either . I had worked with mantras for 11 days, but never done a daily spiritual practice for longer.  This totally changed my view of the world and my daily rhythm, blew the lid off my head.  Made me capable to do a practice daily as part of any enjoyable daily activity like going for a walk or enjoying a cup of afternoon tea. 

d) I found it most valuable to read Ilona's book, The Wisdom of the Dolphins, in tandem with this course.  I got to read in a very detailed way about how she used imagery.  It made the LFV course make so much more sense to me.  I visualize what she described in the book- the grid of light over the earth with the fountains at each meeting point.  
3.  How would you rate the impact of the class on your life?
Right now it's a 9+.  If I go back to old patterns I might give a lower score.  I do plan to do the course again though.
4.  What has the course given you?
Soooooooo much, I can't put it into words.  I've felt more positive, that life is falling into place before me.  Like I am no longer a web of solidified impulses reacting to life in front of me.  I am no longer a rat in the lab, a human in the matrix.  Now that I see this, I feel some grief that so many people are living this way, hypnotized, with amnesia of their power.

My relationship with my husband has improved.  I have TONS of energy that is super, super efficient.  I have developed a daily spiritual practice as I have never done before.  I did not manifest a new car or house yet.  But the 2 other choices were focused on internal shifts and I have felt those.  

I have become skilled at using imagery throughout the day to "see" things differently.  I never did that before.  I just ruminated over limitations.  And I am an aries, always wanting to move forward and blaze a trail, so I was frustrated a lot with the "box" and just miserable when I tried to put myself in it.  This opened up the door of my consciousness.  I reunited with my half-sister and aunt after years of strained relationships.  I have a more healing attitude toward relationships, seeing people's higher self and dialoguing with them, instead of my leader aries fire viewing relationships as conflictual or win-lose.

I also saw in meditation today, a very very playful dolphin, who came and tapped my third eye with his nose.  I really would like, at some point, to come to the dolphin retreats in Bali with my husband. or to continue my study with Ilona in any way I can.

 With much gratitude,  T. form Boulder Colorado
I have to note that I like that your LFV course integrates the soul's teachings into this human body.  A lot of spiritual practices seem to focus on disowning the ego/or human self and trying to emulate a soul, which to me it looks like people repressing their humanity and imitating what they think a soul is, and then it just all gets screwed up, lol.

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