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Re-Creation of Past Lives

with Ilona Selke and Don Paris Ph.D.

The latest understanding of time space is that parallel dimensions exist, that time is infinite, and our consciousness can reach back into time to make changes which will affect our NOW.

Many experiments have proven  that we can affect the causation point back in time to create a different outcome now.

Remote Viewing
: in double blind study experiment with Joe McMonagle for example, the top remote viewer who is worked for the US government,  was able to affect a random number generator to shoot photons on a photo sensitive plate six-month in the past effectively.

Radionics  has been using to create
healing by changing the vibration of the events at their origin in time.

Holographic Imaging has been effectively used in seminars to go back in time and re-visit the past, and creating changes that had tangible results in the current reality.

Timeline Therapy which was developed by Tad James, has measurably created healing and changes people's lives.

All of these methods have proven that by going back in time our mind and soul can alter reality in the now through consciousness.

Information travels faster than the speed of light, backward as well as forward in time. DNA information can imprint itself at a distance through the transmission of electric magnetic fields, and a focused mind.

In the Re-Creation seminar we utilize this wisdom which long had been known to the mystics, in order to shift the parallel dimensions of the now into a higher octave.

We will practice entering the Place of Planning, and will transform the knots on our timelines into beacons of light, and the changes will be noticeable in our physical timeline now.

All reality is a set of vibrations, which express itself in a holographic pattern of light and energy.
If we make a change, and updraft or enlighten the holographic pattern either in the past, the present or the future , we will in effect creates changes in REALITY NOW.

 Come join us on this amazing journey through TIME to create a better NOW .