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Often times, in the middle of our daily lives, we long for adventure, something that is new, something that startles our senses, or our mind, something that brings us fully to life.

Daily life has a way of producing routine, of creating a rut, of becoming predictable, and yet deep in our soul we know that life should be more than that.

Somehow we do sense that life is about discovering something that is unknown, treading where we have never gone before, of expanding our abilities, of going beyond our previously known horizons.

 Research has shown that we feel most alive when we go beyond what we have been able to do or know be up to this point in our life, when we spread our wings so to speak and fly.

 This feeling of aliveness also comes over us when we move into a sort of a floating state of consciousness,  in which we go beyond the boundaries of our logical mind.  In this state of consciousness we have access to problem solving skills, and are also able to transmute negative emotional states into positive emotional states.

The third aspect that provides humans which a deep sense of happiness is a sense of being connected. This sense of connection usually implies a sense of either being connected to other beings, animals or humans. or angelic being. or being connected to the Source, the Divine.

These three states: the expanded floating state of mind, in which we become WAVE LIKE, and  as well as the floating state in which we discover NEW ASPECTS of our beingness, and the state in which we are connected to something larger than ourselves, these  are all aspects  which we can actually practice.

In order to become a master of your life you actually need to practice these three aspects: moving into a wavelike consciousness, moving beyond your previously known boundaries, and connecting to a force that is greater than yourself . 

In mastering life we need to become wavelike in our mindset, and that is when we enter a realm where we starts designing the blueprint of our life.
This can only be done at a higher dimension of reality, in which our nonlinear, our nonlogical mind is able to PRE-CREATE reality at a higher vibrating reality state.

All of us are equipped with the higher vibrating consciousness, with a mind that is capable of reaching into these Subtler realms. Most of the time we use this energy unconsciously , often times even negatively without knowing it. We tend to run the imaginary movies of our lives like soap opera and see ourselves losing or being endangered.

 In the Holographic Imaging or the Quantum Imaging seminars we practice how to harness our unconsciously latent abilities to create a positive reality.

We learn how to enter into a state of mind and feeling that allows us to become wavelike ,to become  nonlinear in our perception, and we learn to expand our state of consciousness  in such a way as to have access to the blueprint , and from there transform negative emotional states, or in other words  we updraft 'disharmonious holographic patterns' within ourselves and find out what these patterns REALLY want.

Often times these negative conditioning, or traumas we experienced  find their origin in this or another lifetime of ours. And  through the language of imagery and body centered awareness we can access our negative conditionings, and transform it into its own POSITIVE expression.

 Quantum physics has long discovered that the observer of the experiments definitely influences the outcome of the experiment. Imagine if you could have access to the blueprint of the universe, and through the power of your observing mind and consciousness you could influence time-space and the reality within and around you!

 The techniques that are taught in Quantum Imaging Seminars give you exactly the three major important aspects that create a happy life.

  1.  entering a wavelike state of consciousness
  2.  entering the vision of your potential , the future positive expression of yourself  which allows you to grow beyond your current limits
  3. connecting with higher aspects of yourself and the divine universe, which happens automatically as you raise your state of consciousness and vibration when you start utilizing the Quantum Imaging Technique
  4. Therapists, teachers, laypeople all alike love to practice this Holographic or Quantum Imaging Technique with outstanding results. We have accompanied people in the last 25 years learning these methods and applying them in daily life.
     Children even say that now they have a MAGIC WAND in their hands.

You will be able to break through the evolution of the so solid seeming 3-D world and realize the fluidity of consciousness reflected in form. You will become the master of your own reality the more you utilize this method.

We all create with our consciousness, day in and day out, often times unconsciously sometimes consciously. most people find it challenging to transform our habitual negative reactions into positive outcomes. This is where Quantum Imaging comes in.

  The rather magical life that results after using the Quantum Imaging methods, described in the book Wisdom of the Dolphins and Dolphins, Love & Destiny written by Ilona Selke serves as an inspiration to the readers and a roadmap to what is possible

step-by-step we can grow beyond the current boundaries and grow into life or higher laws apply.all this will be practiced in the Quantum Imaging's Seminar

The seminar is chock full of practical adventurous and detailed instructions that give you enough time to practice to take home valuable tools that you can apply immediately to yourself and your clients.