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 Living from Vision: a five-week self-study program!

No matter how far you have come in your studies about the manifestation skills or on your spiritual journey, whether you are just beginning, or are already very advanced, this LFV self-study-course will help you manifest your goals and advance further in your manifestation skills from where ever you start.

  • You can either choose the online self-study version or the DVD and CD version with a study book.

This LFV course is also designed so that once you have completed it, you can study it over and over again on your own . Each time you practice the skills of integrating your intuition and your logical mind into your daily life, you will find the power of your manifestation increasing!

You can also choose to work in tandem with a coach in weekly sessions, that help keep you going. please go to the following link to choose a 'LFV coach!

"Whenever I do this five-week LFV course I feel the happiest, and my life flows the easiest !"

" Each time I want to manifest a major goal in my life, I go through the Living from Vision five free course over again! it works. I've done it over and over again over the last 10 years "

 Here's what you'll learn:

  • Train and deepen your access to your intuitive mind
  • Sharpen your intuition
  • Integrate your) and your left brain
  • Discover your hidden values, and your purpose in life
  • Set goals
  • Learn whole brain techniques that help you manifest your goals
  • Understand how the holographic universe works
  • Practice raising your daily vibrations
  • Learn how to work from the inside out
  • Activate your spiritual energy
  • Raise your Happiness Scale up to attend on a scale from 1 to 10
  • Develop a positive self image
  • Learn how to transform and negative emotions into positive power
  • Learn how to create inner peace and reactivated in times of need

 Here's what you receive

  1. Your workbook either online or in hard copy, with five segments, which take approximately 3-hour each to complete, which you will do once a week.
  2. All the guided imagery exercises  to accompany each chapter.
  3. Opportunities to fill in your information into the writing segments

 For your daily work:

  1. The Day Planner that accompanies you for the five weeks, which functions like a Day Runner, and integrates your left and your right brain functions, your intuitive and your logical mind
  2.  Daily guided imagery exercises that help you start your day and end your day working from the inside out.

The best introduction to the Living from Vision course is the book WISDOM of the DOLPHINS by Ilona Selke.

 The course Living from Vision was developed by Dr. Rod Newton in the USA and later on expanded and supported by Ilona Selke , USA author of the book Wisdom of the Dolphins and Dolphins, Love & Destiny as well as the children's book Alin Learns to use his Imagination, all written  by Ilona Selke

 In Singapore this class is being taught regularly in a class room setting as well as to teacher who wish to teach the LFV Course by a team at  THY VISION SMILE.

 Click here to read testimonials about the Living  from Vision course.