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Swimming with wild Dolphin 

Swimming with Wild Dolphins

Key West Florida

call for current dates & prices 
Ilona Selke & Don Paris Ph.D

Tel: 1.800.758.7836 Or (+1) 360. 387. 5713

To create your own Dolpin Swim Iitineary please contact Ilona Selke

YOU can create your OWN Dolphin-Swim Adventure!

Charter Cost for half day boat rental = 550 USD /for up to 6 people

Have you felt the call of the dolphins?

To swim with Dolphins has been one of the most heavenly experiences in my life. It was like coming home and finding my real family..... To have made contact with such high beings has touched my heart incredibly deeply. Even more so, dolphins continue to accompany me now in my inner life..... Ilona Selke

You make your dreams come true..... by setting your heart on a vision and feeling it to be true, as if it has already happened and you are there.....
Ilona Selke & Don Paris

Join Don Paris and Ilona Selke for an unforgettable week with wild Dolphins

In the tropical environment of Key West, Florida, in a Caribbean-style colorful Bed & Breakfast .....with trees and flowering gardens.... and time to dream, we will open to the mystical world of the dolphins. Exercise the power of your imagination and telepathy, and frolic with dolphins.....

During our week together we will go out on a Catamaran boat for five days to visit with dolphins who play in a shallow sand-bank in the ocean, in the warm open waters of the Keys. You will have a lot of exciting time to connect with the dolphins in and out of the water.
An adventure awaits you! We are looking forward to greet you in this paradise.

You can join us for a magical week with the adventure that will touch the core of your heart.....

Cost: $2850 all inclusive, plus airfare
Included in this price is

• Lodging for 6 nights, two people to one room, with separate beds, private bathroom. Couples may request Queen beds.

Breakfast: gourmet breakfast, made fresh for you each morning
Lunch: sandwiches, yogurts and chips
Dinner: dinner for the value of $25.- Dollars per meal at one of the many restaurants in Key West.Vegetarian food, with fish option.
No alcohol for the entire week
5 days on a Catamaran which will take us out to the dolphins. We will go out with 5 participants at a time, for half a day, to the wild dolphins. 
Shade, bathroom facility and a cooler are available on the boat
Snorkel and Flippers are included – though you can bring you r own
The Curry House
You will want to arrive at the Curry House by 11 a.m. on the date of our seminar. 
You can take a taxi from Key West Airport to the B&B or if you fly onto Miami, you can also choose to rent a car and drive about 3 hours to Key West.

If you need help with extra accommodations please call the Curry House B&B at: 305- 294-6777

What to bring?
Swim suit
Beach towel
Sunscreen and lipscreen
Sunglasses and/or sunhat
Light jacket or sweater for the evening in case we eat airconditioned
Blouse or T-shirt and light cover for sun-protection
Journal and pen
Colorful clothing for warm weather (do bring clothing for possible rain too)

We only have space for 10 particpants per week. Registration is limitedit, therefor it is advised to register early!
For registration or to find out more information please
call Toll Free: 1-800- 758 - 7836
Internationally call: 001- 360- 387- 5713

Please send your registration 
(check or Credit Card) 
with a 50 % deposit of the total $2850.- Dollars to:

Living From Vision
P.O. Box 1530
Stanwood, WA 98292
Tel: (001) 360-387-5713                              Fax: (001)480- 241 -4214 

Cancellation is only possible if we can fill your space
Please note that this is an alcohol free week
Vegetarian meals, fish is optional


Please heave read the books by Ilona Selke

“Wisdom of the Dolphins" & "Dolphins, Love & Destiny.”

Order the book now by calling: 1 - 800 -758- 7836


Swimming with wild Dolphins


Dear Florida Seminar Participants

Thank you for registering with us for the week-long seminar in Key West!We are very much looking forward to the trip with you and for us to meet the dolphins in the Keys. 
It will be a very warm time and rich experience….a vacation for your soul…. inwardly and outwardly.
Don and I are excited to meet with the same dolphins we have known for the last 15 years now!
If you haven’t done so already, please read the book: ‘Wisdom of the Dolphins ” by Ilona Selke, you can call us to order it, or find it at New Age bookstores.

I would like to send you a few more details before we meet in Florida.

We will be staying at the Curry House

Curry House
806 Fleming St
Key West, FL 33040

You will need to let me know that you come earlier. I can book the room for you for the extra night at the Curry House and you pay the extra night when you arrive. 
I like to be in Key West at least one day earlier to get acclimatized since it is very warm and humid there, and we will be on the boat for the next five days!

We will meet at the Curry House at 11 am on the of the seminar and from here we officially start our seminar with going to a near by beach and will practice snorkeling.
We will end the seminar after breakfast the last day of the seminar.

We will be 10 people in all. It is a very nice B&B, with a swimming pool, and a garden. Most rooms have a private bath, and have access to a porch. The preferred rooms are rented on a first-come-first-serve basis.

For breakfast every morning we will be pampered with gourmet food.

We will go out on the boat with 5 people at a time plus with either Don or myself leading either group. We will be out on the boat for half the day, which is 4 hours. The other 5 participants will spend the 4 hours the following way:

For the other half-day, we will do meditative exercises to be in a high vibrating inner space, which will add to the experience of swimming with the Dolphins.

Lunch: will be taken either on the boat or before we go out on the boat. We will order gourmet sandwiches from the health-food-store the Waterfront Market, just before going out on the boat. You will be able to design your own sandwich.

Dinner: Will be a smorgasbord of choices of restaurants. We will go out collectively, as a group each night. We will chose from a variety of vegetarian dishes. Fish will be available. 
Each person will be able to spend 25 Dollars per meal, which is quite enough. 
Remember we will have a No-Alcohol week to stay tuned to the higher vibrations.

If you come early or stay longer you may want have help finding a room. Please e-mail the Inn-Keepers Association or call them at TEL: 1. 800. 492. 1911. Email them at:

What to bring?

All snorkel gear, flippers etc will be provided, and is included in the cost. You can bring your own if you want.
Hat, glasses
Blouse to cover with if the sun gets too much (shade will be on the boat)
Warmer jacket, for the boat in case it is cooler, or for restaurants with AC
Summer clothing: fun and colorful
Diary and pen
Songs, instruments, fun and laughter

You will only need extra money for the occasional coffee or irresistibly beautiful dress.
Tips for the maid of about $20 Dollars for the week, and $25 Dollars in tips for the captain (he really appreciates that).

You can fly into Key West and take a taxi to the B&B, or you can fly into Miami and take a car from there, about 3 hours south. 
You will not need a car while in Key West, as we can walk everywhere.

Home Work
  • Please practice snorkeling ahead of time. It will make your experience so much more enjoyable, and you can focus on the dolphins better. We will practice snorkeling a few hours on the first day of our seminar, when we will meet at the beach for our first pick-nick.

I know we will have a time of our lives with the dolphins. See you soon, in warm waters!